Project Zomboid mod is Disco Elysium but it’s the apocalypse

We love a bit of Disco Elysium here at PCG towers, with the Final Cut version of the game currently at #1 (opens in a new tab) on our list of the best PC games. Another game that we are a big fan of is Project Zomboid, which has gradually amassed a substantial and creative community. (opens in a new tab) for years of excellent developer support. You probably know where this is going.

Modder Gabester created Elysium Island (opens in a new tab) in Project Zomboid, a map that recreates certain locations from the Disco Elysium, including the hostel cafe the Whirling-In-Rags. The mod also includes other elements from the game, for example, “A specific warehouse floor has no lights. You’ll need a torch to uncover a terrible secret.”

“[This] Gabester writes: “Inspired by Martinaise from Disco Elysium, you can find a few familiar locations. Spoilers are kept to a minimum, so it will be interesting for those who want to try it out. “

(Image credit: The Indie Stone)

Elysium Island mode combines nicely with an earlier Gabester mode, the Disco Elysium clothing pack. Look at Kim killing zombies!

(Image credit: The Indie Stone)

You will need some additional tile packs for the mod to work, explained and linked on the Steam workshop page (opens in a new tab). Gabester writes: “I started to focus only on getting the Whirling just right” (opens in a new tab)“and then it spirals into a few more buildings (to be exact I can lol).”

The Zomboid project is still in active development (you can see the most recent roadmap here (opens in a new tab)), while Disco Elysium’s ZA/UM developer is hard at work on his unannounced next project (the studio recently posted a lot of job ads (opens in a new tab)). There’s no news on what that could be, though designer and lead writer Robert Kurvitz has said in the past that he wants to make a sequel. (opens in a new tab).

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